Anonymous: Hi, I was wondering if you can help me with relationship advice about my Navy SO of a year and a half…or in this case I guess my ex Navy SO. I am still very much in love with him and as he says he misses me, still loves me, still wants to be with me, but can't get himself to do it…as he talks to other girls. I guess my question is what do I do? I still want to be with him and stand by him throughout our lives, but all these mixed signals have confused me. And idk what to do. Please help.

It’s up to you. If you want to trust him then go for it but if it were me I would try my best to move on. Why get hurt?

July 21 2014 16:18
waitingoncarlos: Hey I am looking for young couples with their boyfriend is a soldier! I'm 17 and would like to meet other girlfriends to help and support! Please help me!!


July 21 2014 16:16with 4 notes
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