He sucks at smiling most of the time..but I love him anyways. The second picture here makes me smile because we’re both blushing hardcore; we didn’t mean to kiss for the photo, but it just kind of happened! 

We met in April of last year when he was home on leave between finishing MOS school and going to his first duty station. We were at a party so did our best to talk to each other as much as possible without seeming creepy; we’ll both admit now that we felt a connection from the start. We ended up spending the next five days together as much as we could - I even drove 2 hours in the middle of the night for a few more hours together - and then he left for Japan for the next two years. We didn’t make things official until two days after he left which was only a week after we met, and we’ve been falling head over heels in love ever since.

This photo was taken over the holidays when I visited him in Japan. He also proposed during this time, and we’re planning to tie the knot April of 2014 when he comes home from Japan for good. I can’t wait until then :)


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